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Front cover of the book.This site is dedicated to everyone young and old with a vivid imagination. The Neverending Story is available by book and video. It is a wonderful concept of a young child's Fantasy becoming a reality. Originally I watched the movie and thought it was very cute and I realized that below the surface there was much more to it than what I thought. Soon I ran out and bought The Neverending Story book and sat down to read it.


Well for me, I became Bastian (one of the two lead characters) and I hope you will become him or Atreyu (his friend in the book) also when you watch the movie or read The Neverending Story book. This site is for all ages and people all over the world. Many parents even visit this site because of their vivid imagination and the desire to always remain young. When a story like this develops in your mind it becomes a fantasy in some ways. Fantasies are wonderful things that take us away from life just like a good movie.

I really liked the book much more than the movie because of the detail which enhances ones imagination and the story is much different. Let us face the fact that The Neverending Story is based upon a book and to get the whole effect you need to read the book. Believe me, the book is wonderful. You will feel the fear, joy and accomplishments of the characters throughout their travels and adventures.

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The Neverending Story is about one's imagination and creativity.


This story is about a young boy named Bastian that takes a book from an old bookstore. Though it sounds bad that he would steal the book you soon find out that it was meant to be. He returns to his old school and hide far up in the attic away from everyone. With little food and little light he is scared but the Neverending Ending Story book keeps calling his attention. Not realizing what he is about to do, he opens the book and begins not only to read, but to create "The Never Ending Story". From that moment on, Bastian's thoughts and dreams become a reality in a far away world called Fantasia.

The Neverending Story Auryn

Is an actual ancient magical jewel. Both Atreyu and later Bastian carry the Auryn with them on their travels. This was a gift of protection from the Childlike Empress. The golden snake amulet gives its wearer protection and lets the world know that he is her representative.


His (Bastian - Barret Oliver) vivid imagination takes him beyond the limits of the real world only to see his own self in another young boy called Atreyu. The adventure that unfolds will make your imagination run wild with joy, fantasy, happiness, fear, sadness, just to be followed by the hope of his understanding who and what role he plays in The Neverending Story.

All copyrights of the movie are owned by Warner Brothers (A Time Warner Company) This site is just to support their wonderful adaptation of the book "The NeverEnding Story". This site is not in anyway related to Warner Brothers, but I must say thanks for this great inspiration and the imaginative senses they brought to mind. So if you're in the mood for a good movie that is easy on the senses, Warner Brothers probably has the flicks.

This site belongs to all of you that have an imagination, and especially for the NeverEnding Email that comes in from all over the world.


The name that Bastian calls out in The Never Ending Story is "Moon Child"

A note:

A dream is the only real reality in life because it belongs to you. An imagination develops both the aspects of the dream and also gives you the motivation to make your dreams a reality. Remember to always give more than you take in life, and never stop dreaming.

Actors Names: Noah Hathaway - - - - -Atreyu
Barret Oliver - - - - - Bastian
Tami Stronach - - - - - Childlike Empress
Patricia Hayes - - - - - Urgl
Sydney Bromley - - - - - Engywook
Gerald McRaney - - - - - Bastian's Father
Moses Gunn - - - - - Cairon
Did you ever watch Tales of The Neverending Story...
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